Monday, July 29, 2019

Hydroponic Green Chilli Plant

 AV Club is sharing hydroponic for Green Chilli plant.

1. Firstly some basic information about the chilli seeds. Seeds should be kept at 75 F to enhance the germination process. 

2.You can use coconut pit for germination, which take around one week.

4. After that you need some disposable glass and make some holes around it, fill      up with some clay bolls for sporting the plants, 

5. In this system most important thing is, how to feed our plats in which we used only liquid form nutrients  because it is without  soil farming  so feed your plats with specific nutrients with the help of circulatory water system.

6. Plants are growing very fast in hydroponic because it is very calculated system like controlled PH  & TDS water vale, maintend temperature and specific nutrients. 

7. AV Club promote this system, because in this farming water wastage is only 10% 

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