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That interrogation occurred shortly after he was arrested in a sting operation that caught him attempting to trade methamphetamine for sex with a male acquaintance.

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Sullivan confesses to taking sexual advantage of a year old friend who has cognitive brain disorder by knocking the man out with GHB then having sexual contact. But the year-old former sheriff was never charged with sexually assaulting minors or sexually assaulting an at-risk adult, which Sullivan confesses to in the interview. Following his November 29, arrest, Sullivan was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine, distribution of methamphetamine, attempting to influence a public servant and misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution.

Four months later, on April 3, Sullivan pleaded guilty to one count of felony methamphetamine possession and a misdemeanor prostitution charge and was sentenced to 38 days in jail. He was released last Saturday.

Sullivan confession: ‘may very well have’ had sex with underage boys

I just really appreciate the opportunity and I think Jeff feels the same. Sullivan indicates he has a granddaughter with a 6 p. For the next hour, the investigators trade small talk with Sullivan, chatting about his career and accomplishments and how he became involved in the drug trade. You were the head in command of a person, sworn-deputy agency… but, I mean is that not weird if you are me?

Men, multiple sexual partners, and young adults’ sexual relationships: understanding the role of gender in the study of risk

Sullivan initially seems evasive, changing the subject, sidestepping questions and providing half truths. You put a badge on me, and you told me to go out and do my job to the best of my ability. And today I did that job to the best of my ability.

And unfortunately what I got is you bringing drugs to the house.

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We have audio in that room. We have people watching you pull up. I watched you hand dope to the informant from another room. Because we watched you pick up dope today. From there, Sullivan begins to detail a hidden life of methamphetamine use merged with what he says is a bisexual lifestyle.

He tells the men he is bisexual, not gay.

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And may have smoked if somebody said well try it. So I may have tried it.

Winthrop dean sullivan to leave weinstein’s legal team

Much of the interview is spent pressing Sullivan about suspected sexual encounters with minors and an at-risk adult. When you guys were in your drug induced- when you guys were on drugs you would engage him sexually, am I wrong?

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The investigators spend much of the interview asking Sullivan about potential sexual liaisons with minors. That could very well have happened. Himes stays on the topic. But Sullivan then seems to head in a different direction, indicating he has not sexually engaged anyone underage. Sullivan offers to take a polygraph test in response to several accusations that he says are untrue. They agree Sullivan made many damning, incriminating statements during the taped interview that were thoroughly investigated.

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Dougherty said he has viewed the interview eight to 10 times. We tried to find the minors but were unable to find any witnesses that could bring proof or provide proof or a consistent story that they had been sexually assaulted by Sullivan.

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You have to have a victim, and evidence and a case you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. We did not have those. The two prosecutors also said despite popular perception, Pat Sullivan ended up getting a harsher sentence than similarly situated defendants. Denver Broncos. Top Spots.

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It's estimated that 7, nursing home workers alone are unvaccinated. Pat Sullivan talks with investigators. But he was never charged with any sex- related felonies despite the confession obtained by CBS4.

We quizzed americans on sexual health: what it says about the state of sex ed

It is. But when Himes asks again, he gets a different response.

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Himes returns to the issue of having sex with underage boys.

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