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Where do we go from here? Why did it take this particular moment in time for everyone to wake up?


There is no wand to point, no magic pill to swallow to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is one for the books. It takes a supportive, encouraging environment that is conducive to breastfeeding and al that comes with it.

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As moms, our one goal is to give. It is a sacrifice that calls for your time, your discipline, and of course love. There is no badge, but every drop of blood, sweat, and milk brings you closer to the goal of giving your child the nourishment perfectly created just for their growing bodies.

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I have to acknowledge my privilege in being able to breastfeed six girls yes, read that again - SIX, all those beautiful girls in the picture below. I was able to stay home with them for a time, pumping and nursing thereafter.

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Especially for women that look like me, who come from where I come from; breastfeeding is not the norm. You might wonder Black women need a special breastfeeding week. Black women are more likely to face socioeconomic barriers to nursing, which may prevent them from having a maternity leave or limit their access to breastfeeding and pumping time, supplies, and resources.

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Being fed is the requirement, but in the Black community, fed may not always be enough. Black babies are nearly twice as likely to die as white babies.

A black mother’s cry: an essay by sara hood

This in babies that are born smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable to illness, all of whom can greatly benefit from the immunities and nutritional benefits of breastmilk. Black women are called upon to be pillars in their community, to fight the fight of injustice, to earn livable wages, to care for our families - all while breastfeeding. This is a feat that seems exponentially unachievable, but yet some persevere. The staggering statistics could keep anyone from even trying.

But here I am. My journey has not been all full breasts and full bottles.

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Is this a safe space to share? The kind of tears that start without you even knowing. On the flip side, there is a great sense of value when you look down at this gorgeous, God-created face and hear the sounds of suckling. I forever hold over my husband's head that I nourished all of our daughters with my body alone.

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Luckily, he was my biggest supporter and continues to support me on what will be my final breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding has helped me mature as a woman.

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It let me know that Black women can beat the odds stacked against us. It has helped me throw caution to the wind when it comes to feeding in public. Most of all it helped me to cheer for the mom next to me. I always notice and say a little prayer for the mom in the corner with a nursing baby.

Hey! a bee stung me!

Please know that you are loved, you are supported, and you are a breastfeeding rockstar. Lastly, give yourself grace that the best baby is a fed baby.

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Lateva Woolfork is a Detroit girl living in an Indianapolis world. On her blog. The All Purpose WomanLateva speaks openly with love about motherhood, faith, marriage, and life. On her blog, The All Purpose WomanLateva speaks openly with love about motherhood, faith, marriage, and life.

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Black Breastfeeding Week:: a City Mom's story. Aug 23 Written By Lateva Woolfork. Hey mamas: We are here to honor every woman's journey through motherhood, no matter what that looks like.

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But it's also our duty to recognize and call attention as not every woman has identical opportunities to experience motherhood in the same way. Today we celebrate the kickoff to Black Breastfeeding Weekand want to share why it is so vitally important.

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So, keep on boobin', mamas! We are cheering you on.

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This week is Black Breastfeeding Week. Black babies are nearly twice as likely to die as white babiesmostly due to the poor maternal care and services mothers may receive during pregnancy. Black Breastfeeding Week Black Women breastfeeding nursing.

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Bee, or honeybee, is the word many people use to describe any flying insect that has wings and a stinger.


In arguments that illuminate contemporary perspectives on long-standing debates among blacks about when and how to put the the burdens of history; racial identity and older; the loyalty an individual owes to the community; and gender roles and responsibilities, this new dating literature urges the women to embrace their power and desirability in American society.


Being a mom is an amazing and rewarding experience and Black Toronto Moms is here to help you along this wonderful journey.


There are always those lists of mothers to follow on Instagram, but there are hardly ever any lists that focus on Black motherhood.