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This is where young people come to get help with their sexual health. Guys think they should have a huge penis that will last for an outrageously long time in bed. In a Norwegian study published in the Journal of Public Health in27 percent of men reported having premature ejaculation problems, including more younger than older men. He he the Department of Psychology at the University of Turku and researches premature ejaculation. And statistically, it is normal to deviate up to seven minutes from the average.


Lasting longer in bed can prolong pleasure and give a person a greater sense of control. Being able to continue sexual activities for longer periods may help all parties have satisfactory sex and achieve orgasm. A study suggests that the average female in a monogamous heterosexual relationship needs In contrast, a study found that the average heterosexual male needs just 5.

For many, certain techniques may make it easier to last longer in bed.

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In this article, we will discuss a few different methods that people can try to last longer in bed. Definitions of premature ejaculation vary. The American Urological Association consider premature ejaculation to be any time a person ejaculates earlier than they or their partner would like. Other organizations as specific time frames. For examplethe International Society of Sexual Medicine suggest that ejaculating in 3 minutes or less may qualify as premature ejaculation. The length of time is less important than how ejaculation affects the relationship.

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If a person ejaculates so early that it causes distress or makes sex difficult, it warrants treatment. Medication may help with premature ejaculation, but doctors usually only prescribe drugs when other treatments have failed. A group of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs can change sexual function and make it more difficult to orgasm.

In this way, SSRIs may help delay ejaculation and allow a person to last longer. Erectile dysfunction drugssuch as sildenafil Viagracan help a person retain their erection after they ejaculate.

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As a result, they may be able to continue having intercourse with a partner, even after an orgasm. Anything that decreases the sensitivity of the penis may help a person delay ejaculation. Some doctors may recommend numbing creams or sprays. Typically, people can apply the cream or spray to the head of the penis 20—30 minutes before sexual penetration. They should then rinse the product off 5—10 minutes before sex so that the numbing agent does not prevent an erection or cause their partner to experience vaginal or anal numbness.

Using a condom may help by further dulling sensation. Some people may find that foreplay gives them a chance to extend sexual activity. These individuals can pleasure and satisfy their partner without the worry of ejaculating early. In a sample of 1, females who completed a confidential survey in the United States, only In total, In a survey in the United Kingdom, Therefore, people may find it helpful to incorporate oral sex or manual stimulation into their sexual activities, particularly if penetrative sex is unlikely to last long enough for all parties to achieve orgasm.

Sex toys give a person with premature ejaculation a different way to practice controlling their orgasm. They can try masturbating with sex toys alone, then stopping stimulation right before orgasming.

After waiting for a few moments, they should try again. Sex toys can also increase the pleasure of a partner, especially if it is impossible to have penetration long enough for them to orgasm. For female partners, a person can try stimulating the clitoris during intercourse, then using a vibrator or other sex toy to help them orgasm. Various sexual techniques can help a person delay ejaculation. When a person consistently practices them, these techniques can work very well and progressively increase the duration of sex.

Psychotherapy can help a person identify any underlying psychological causes of their premature ejaculation, such as anxiety. A therapist can also recommend personalized exercises to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual activity.

When should i worry about ejaculating too quickly?

Many couples find that attending sex counseling sessions together helps with premature ejaculation. Biofeedback uses electrical information to help a person retrain their body to delay ejaculation. Over time, a person learns to control the urge to have an orgasm.

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During each session, the healthcare provider may use a probe to measure sensations during masturbation or other forms of stimulation. Then, they instruct the client to do exercises, visualization, or other techniques to delay ejaculation during stimulation. Pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the bladder and enable ejaculation. When urinating, a person can tense and stop the flow for 5—10 seconds, then start urinating again.

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By repeating this several times each day, they should build up to longer holds. Some people find that pelvic floor physical therapy offers ificant relief. A physical therapist will diagnose any problems with the pelvic floor muscles before recommending at-home exercises to strengthen these muscles. Over time, this may prolong sex and improve bladder control.

A study notes that both physical factors, such as obesity, smoking, and substance abuse, and psychosocial factors, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, can harm sexual function. A person can try many techniques and methods to last longer in bed. These can involve adopting a healthful lifestyle or incorporating foreplay, sex toys, or new sexual techniques into sexual activities. However, if premature ejaculation continues and begins to cause distress or make sex difficult, it is advisable for a person to see a doctor for help. If necessary, the doctor can make a referral to a urologist or sex therapist.

However, placing too much emphasis on performance can lead to…. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual concern. However, there are a range of remedies and techniques that may help control it.

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Learn more here. Premature ejaculation can ificantly impact individuals' confidence.

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Here we discuss causes and treatments - there are a of options…. Promescent spray is a brand of lidocaine-based, ejaculation delaying spray. Delay sprays are desensitizing products that help treat premature…. What is the anatomy and function of the penis? Read on to learn more about the penis and it's anatomy, including the tissues that allow it to perform…. What techniques can help a person last longer in bed?

Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Premature ejaculation Medication Desensitizers Foreplay Sex toys Sexual techniques Therapy Biofeedback Pelvic exercises General tips Summary Lasting longer in bed can prolong pleasure and give a person a greater sense of control. What is premature ejaculation? Sex toys.

Ways to last longer in bed

Sexual techniques. Pelvic exercises. Lifestyle adjustments.

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How men can improve their sexual performance. Home remedies for premature ejaculation. Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, M. How to treat premature ejaculation. Medically reviewed by University of Illinois. Does promescent spray work?

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Got a symptom but not sure what's causing it?


Got a symptom but not sure what's causing it?


Lasting longer in bed can prolong pleasure and give a person a greater sense of control.


However, focusing on sexual performance can lead to anxiety.