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By Teresa. This may be yours. If you have nothing left, move on, whether mentally or physically.


in. I totally get it, because I felt the same way. You can manifest w h at you want — it just requires you to decide that you can — with faith, courage, and gratitude.

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If you wonder what practical steps you can take to start your new life, especially your love life, here are my top Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. I had the vision to live in a new home, and over a period of time envisioned it as if already happened. The probability that something would open up there was small, but, just like a parking spot suddenly becomes available when you intend to get one, it showed up. By some intricate flow of events, other bidders found something else, and we moved into a fully-renovated dream home.

What I did, without telling anyone, was visualize and feel gratitude for living there in advance.

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Just like for a new home, this visioning process works with creating a new relationship. Perhaps you already have someone particular in mind; you see him at your office daily or you like his online dating profile. Create a vision of what it would look like to be together on a daily basis. If you have a spiritual practice like yoga or meditation, expand it by including your visualization or feelization in your daily routine.

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Earlier, when there seemed to be no available apartments around, I started preparing for our new home by simplifying and organizing things. By getting rid of stuff, I was actually creating space for our new, beautiful, clutter-free home.

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I also found some furniture that would add more sensuality and romance to our environment, like a full-height mirror think, dancing when no one is watching or a cozy, soft and spacious couch goodbye to the formal, cold, sticky leather couch. For example, you can make room in your closet and empty a couple of drawers in your bedroom dresser, keep a six-pack in your fridge and a shaving kit in your bathroom — all for your man.

Throughout the years, I noticed that it was much easier to create new habits in times of change. For instance, when I moved to New York City to a shared apartment that had a terrace, it was easy to start a daily meditation practice because that terrace offered privacy yet connected me to the energy of the big city.

Now, my new habits include morning meditation on the sundeck followed by a workout.

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Your new habits could include going to the gym before work every morning, having dinner by yourself on Tuesdays steakhouse bar, oyster bar happy hours and sushi bar are all fabulous optionstaking a course on investing on Wednesdays, and going on dates with guys you meet through online dating plus, guys you meet while dining solo on Thursdays. Yet, so often we are motivated and excited to start something new, but days or weeks later find ourselves back where we were, wondering what happened.

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Simply click REPLY and share about your situation, the challenges you face and what you want the most support with. Huge bags filled with stuff piled up by the entrance door and — BAM — I threw them away. My closets are half-empty, and there is much more space and energy in our home.

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There is a real feeling of freedom. Should I keep it or throw out?

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Go through your list of contacts, including your social media and online dating s that probably have lots of unanswered messages. Clean them up quickly and decisively. Are you like all other women here, or better? So, these are my 5 top ways to create a new chapter — in your love life or beyond.

How to start a brand-new chapter at any age

It will give a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process and will inspire you to meet your dream man. Get started. Open in app.

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Polina Solda. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Create a vision for a new chapter in a new life. Prepare for your vision to turn into reality before it does.

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Create new habits that match your new life. Get support as you step into your new life. More from Polina Solda Follow. More From Medium.

How to move on and start a new chapter in your life

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Starting a new chapter in your life

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Many of us understand exactly what it feels like to start again , whether it was your own choice or due to various factors forcing you to create massive changes in your life.


If you are new here, I run the Life of your Dreams course where I teach women just like you how to create a life of happiness, abundance, and dreams come true.


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But it does—and it did.