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  • How old am I:
  • 31
  • Nationality:
  • I was born in The Philippines
  • Tone of my iris:
  • I’ve got lustrous gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is my hair:
  • Long crisp strawberry-blond hair
  • My Sign of the zodiac:
  • Taurus
  • Figure type:
  • My body features is strong


As a Filipino-Chinese woman growing up in America, I was constantly told — by my classmates, by movies and TV shows, and by commercials — that the most beautiful girls in the world had fairer skin, lighter hair, and eyes that didn't look like mine. Looking at myself in the mirror, with my tan skin, dark hairand eyes that I used to describe as "poop-colored," I walked through most of grade school struggling to love my features.


The most common Asian beauty standards are whiteface.

For example, a geisha, a Japanese symbol of feminine glamor, or a Beijing opera actress. They have very smooth skin with a rosebud mouth. The paler you were, the more obvious it was that you spent your life coddled inside, away from the harsh sun and hard labor in the fields under it. Paleness was a mark of prestige, a ifier that you were kept.

A lot of this whitening skin pressure comes from the mother and other family members. Which resulted in the promulgation of European beauty standards in cultures all over the world. Because it meant you were wealthy enough to stay inside and not work. This desire for fair skin has carried into the modern day.

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For instance, in China. Having pale skin describes the woman as elite status, while dark skin means farming or laboring long hours in the sun. This unspoken rule led to skin whitening. And it has grown multi-billion dollars in the Asian beauty industry. Another example, in Japan.

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Japanese beauty prefers simple products that are used in their daily routine. To keep your skin naturally perfect and glowing. This was originated by geisha. They used camellia oil to remove their heavy white face makeup. Then wash with a foaming cleanser to rinse the leftovers. The oil breaks makeup and sebum on the skin.

A water-based cleanser helps to remove the oil residue.

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These two steps make our skin much cleaner than just washing with soap. Japanese beauty is about clear, light, and wrinkle-free skin and not golden skin. From history, In many East Asian countries, people want to have paler skin. Therefore, they will take precautions to stay out of the sun. Which is the opposite of Western culture.

People love to go to the beaches in the summer to get golden skin. When I wasI was told not to get tanned. Always bring a hat or umbrella, put on SPF cream. After growing up at a certain age, every girl in a classroom intensely cares about protecting their skin and not being black.

They adored keeping white skin. All the photo booths have a filter that can turn our skin to look very white. It was not a question until I lived in Australia. The girls in Australia are going to the beach to get tanned and chill out under the sunlight. People admire going on vacation. The culture of makeup was the opposite.

Asian beauty secrets: ancient and modern tips from japan, korea and china

The industry pushes products to make women look more bronzed, sun-kissed. The skin reaction to the sun is based on 6 levels of the skin. From type 1, ivory to type 6, dark brown. Type 1 and 2 skins tend to burn more easily and type 5 and 6 rarely burn or tan darkly.

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Many Asians have a brown skin type. However, East Asians have fairer complexions. Their skin type is around 3 or 4.

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They tend to burn more than South Asians. Many Asian cultures are more conscious of skin protection than Westerners.

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Which makes sense why Asians use more sunscreen. Even for sunscreenthe formula is different from Western countries, especially the United States. In Asia, they treat sunscreen as a cosmetic. This means the ingredients go through a different testing process. And they have more ingredients than US sunscreen. It can protect our skin from cancer, UVA light rays. These cultures are similarly enamored with pale skin.

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Which contributes to their wide range of high-quality sunscreen products. Because the market is so competitive, the products are not only better. But cheaper as well.

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In beauty productsthere is BB cream. It is used for skincare benefits before putting any makeup on.

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Even men want to be white-skinned. A cosmetic trade reporter Andrew McDougall noted. Skin lightening has been a long trend in Asia.

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And it will continue in the next five years. He added more. Everyone is airbrushed until they look like ghosts. In Asia, dark skin is poor, white skin is rich. The view of pale skin has remained the basic East Asian beauty standards. Many East Asian makeup products include very specific purposes toward lightening the skin. Whether people put on a foundation or skin bleaching products, there are tools to help them to look lighter.

As a historical result of darker skin being labeled as inferior, lighter skin is labeled as superior.

Asian beauty skin stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Which reinforces historical racial inferiority complexes. Senior Aaron Lin said.

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And what is happening exactly? They are a big player in the global market for skin whitening creams. It is used in many Asian, African, and Caribbean countries. In these countries, fair skin is often considered desirable.

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The social criticism towards skin-lightening products is increasing. Its pressures on companies for colorism. As they pushed to address using their racial stereotypes in popular products. Christine Chang, co-founder of, Glow Recipe explained. In Asia, selfie consumption can be the most advanced in the world. PhotoWonder and BeautyPlus have over million users.

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She would be thin, of course, and her skin would be pale, unlined, babyish in its softness and porelessness.


But Asia is composed of 48 countries with distinct swaths of people of various complexions, religions, languages, customs, and cultures.


Confidence, Community, and Joy.