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  • Age:
  • 49
  • Body piercings:
  • I don't have piercings
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


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You can change habits through dedication and relentless practice, yes; I made myself a morning person thrice-over this way.

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I know all of this and yet, I needed something to change — fast. I am habitually late, consistently rushing, eternally overwhelmed and generally stressed.

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I spill things all the time. I forget birthdays, words and the names of my own friends. One time, a pal of mine ran into a pal of his, who was my industry acquaintance.

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They realized they both knew me through separate avenues. I have often, frequently, literally lost my mind.

Is there an art to looking “put together”?

I lose my things iPhone, credit cards, keys a lot too. For a while, I charmed myself into thinking it was part of my creative persona, that such drama fueled me. I thought it added personality to my writing, to my dinner conversations, to my clothes. But as my life has gotten increasingly busier and my adult and professional responsibilities increase, this hot mess routine of mine has become intolerable.

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Hence, the journey. Because this likely will be the multi-part exploration that I feared, I began step one close to home. I asked three friends — women who I specifically admire for being so remarkably put together — for their advice and words of wisdom.

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Here is the difference between Jasmin who has cracked the code on casual-but-professional-but-cool dressing and me: Jasmin and I had an off-site meeting together a few weeks ago. She arrived 15 minutes early, buying her enough time to grab coffee and wait in the lobby. I arrived with a mere three minutes to spare I was terrified to be late to this one and lost my glove in the process.

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In fact, she was shocked I thought of her for this story. This helps her craft thorough responses that result in far less back-and-forth for eternity.

Is there an art to looking “put together”?

Tiffany Reid is the Senior Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan and is as poised and polished as they come. And say yes to alone time. MaryKate Boylan is the Fashion Market Editor at Town and Country and the kind of person who everyone on the subway probably assumes is a ballet dancer.

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Her posture is excellent, she never has an eyebrow out of place, and her poker face under stress should be studied by scientists. Not good or bad, just is. I have to finish this story, by 5 p. I have to have completed [XYZ]. By Harling Ross.

25 easy ways to instantly feel more put together

By Mallory Rice. By Michael Gonzalez.

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By Beth Sacca. By Nili Blanck. Search Clear Search.

Best extracurricular activities in a (list of examples)

I am on a journey to become more put-together. Jasmin Aujla.

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In our busy, hectic world, it's far too easy to rush around in the morning, throw on any old thing, and dash off to work without feeling or looking prepared for the day.


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You ever come across those women who always look put together?


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