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Anger can be an all-consuming emotion. How one manifests anger can take different forms. Some yell ; others go silent; still others freak out.


When someone is angry all the time

Have you ever felt paralyzed when confronting someone who is very angry with you? The very first one is to acknowledge when a situation is dangerous and when it is not. For the situations that are not dangerous, here are some tips and insights into how to properly talk to an angry person. You may feel inclined to raise your voice as well and unintentionally compete with their emotional release.

This is not wise because it allows the other person to continue to escalate their emotions, resulting in a potentially harmful situation.

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Keep an eye on what you are doing with your hands and facial expressions as well, since you may send nonverbal als that may be misinterpreted. Do your best to be patient with what you decide to say. Keep your approach to the person calm and quiet.

10 things you should never say to someone who is pissed off

Because this does not match the tone and approach of the angry person, they may start to mimic your actions just as you could mimic their anger subconsciously. It may take longer for the angry person to completely vent their emotions before they eventually calm down.

Whenever possible, seek help or support to prevent harm to yourself or the other person. Group situations tend to be more controlled and are typically a safer environment for handling this tense emotions. Even if help is not a possibility at that moment, plan ahead what you need to do to find help.

Friendly fight: a smarter way to say 'i'm angry'

Be prepared for the worst scenario, and be sure to seek professional help if the situation calls for it or persists. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tagged with: anger relationships.

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Think Before You Speak Do your best to be patient with what you decide to say. Be Calm Keep your approach to the person calm and quiet.

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Joshua Belcher on May 4, at pm. Find A Counselor.

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Understanding pandemic-related anxiety disorders like post-covid stress disorder PCSD. Download Now. Trending .

5 ways to talk to an angry person

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Usually, when a person is in a mood, you ask them once or twice if everything is okay.