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  • My age:
  • 24
  • Ethnic:
  • Welsh
  • Tint of my iris:
  • I’ve got cold dark eyes
  • What is my hair:
  • Auburn
  • My figure features:
  • My figure type is quite plump
  • My tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos


Hear me out. But I promise you that this will change your life. Things are really going well. Maybe this could lead to something long-term.


You ever see a smoking hot girl with an average looking dude and wonder how the hell he got her? Similarly enough, these type of guys are also fucking the hot girl you want to. No matter who you are or what you look like, everyone has the potential of getting the attention of an attractive girl that they want to fuck. I'm going to let you in on some critical factors to landing a hook up with a hot girl; you can bang any girl - hell you can even fuck a stripper - if you follow these simple yet important steps.

Let's begin…. First off, it'sand women can see through your bullshit. They know more than you think, and if you think they don't know that all you want to do is fuck, you're dead wrong. Women are incredibly insightful when it comes to men and what their intentions are. It's clear to see who's genuine and who's not, but even if your intentions aren't to actually date her, you can still fuck. Along with being able to tell what it is you want, a lot of women want the same thing. There's no better time to have a chance at hooking up with a hot girl than now.

If you haven't noticed yet, women are becoming more sexually empowered than ever and no longer care about your slut-shaming. Women enjoy sex, too, but not everyone wants or feels the need to be in a relationship in order to have sex. They have needs to be met, too, and are definitely okay with hooking up. It all depends on the person, though, so you'd probably want to make sure the girl you're trying to fuck isn't close-minded to casual sex. If you meet a girl, the best thing to be is honest with her. Once you've talked to her and have done so for a while, and you've made it clear that you're interested in her, you need to make sure you specify what you're looking for.

If you try to go the old route where you pretend to care about and even act like you love this girl, or are remotely interested in who she is, just to get in her pants, they're eventually going to realize and probably be super pissed once they find out.

At that point, you've lost all chance of fucking her because she'll feel played and never speak to you again. Believe it or not, but you have better chances of fucking a girl if you tell her that's what you want. If they want to, they will, and if they say no, then they were never going to in the first place. Apart from random acts of sexiness, you're not always going to be able to simply meet and fuck a girl immediately. You may have to put a little time and effort in. While being upfront about the fact that you just want to fuck her is cool, you should still at least be cordial.

Inviting her out to do something before you go back to one of your guys' place and fuck is a nice gesture, and it makes her like you just a little more. Some girls won't even want a datebut most of them would appreciate it. That brings me to date etiquette. The last thing you want to do is come off too strong and be a creep. In other words, don't be all over her and know your boundaries, and always give her personal space. She could get annoyed quickly if you're too overbearing, or being too sexual, and might even walk out on the date. Basically, just be cool. Be yourself and have a good time doing whatever it is you're doing.

Talk about some stuff and enjoy each other's company for the time being until you sense the date is coming to an end. If you show her a good time, she'll most likely be eager to get in bed with you if she already knows that's where it's heading. But that doesn't mean that flirting isn't welcome; just know how to do it. One thing you do want to do is touch her, within reason. I don't mean grab her ass or unnecessary, borderline sexual assault touching, but more friendly, yet flirtatious touching.

passion girls Thea

Things like brushing shoulders, putting your hand on her knee try her thigh if she's into itand maybe even hand-holding if she's comfortable with it. Physical touch is always an indicator that someone's into you, and girls actually tend to like that. Hot girls like hot dudes. Even if you don't think you're the most attractive guy in the world, you never know what a little cleaning up could do. Besides, if she agreed to go out on a date with you, or is open to hooking up, she more than likely already finds you pretty attractive.

But a little extra effort never hurts. In fact, she might even be more into you for the night. So make sure you pick out an outfit that you feel good in, but more importantly, comfortable.

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Wear what you like to and don't try to be someone else. Women can also see through that.

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Also, grooming is super important. Get a haircut.

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Trim your pubes. Do it all.

Nothing's more of a turn-off than a guy with bad hygiene. It's the quickest way to gross her out and make her leave. If she gets back to your place and you take off your clothes to unveil a hairy, foul-smelling body, that won't turn out good. Also, if you know you're going to want to take her back to your place, clean up a little. Fucking in a pig-sty is not an aphrodisiac. I would say be yourself, but some people are just genuinely terrible.

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But if you know you're not that bad of a guy, then don't act like it. Don't be overly sexual, either, because it won't get you very far. Being nice, respectful, and charming will do more for you than acting like a prick, and might even get you another hookup. If you're out on the date and are being rude to waitstaff or other people around you, that's also not a good look. She'll think you're an asshole or have temper issues, and she won't want to fuck you anymore.

You also don't want to appear insecure and lacking in confidence. It's not really a turn-on, and most women aren't attracted to sulky dudes. Be confident in who you are, even if you feel you're not as hot as she is, and don't lurk around in corners. Put yourself out there. Just be a good person and level-headed, as well as kind and respectful.

Take her on a date, then she's more likely to fuck you

Those things are becoming rarer and rarer, and when she sees you're not the type who feels entitled to her pussy, she'll respect you more. Treat her nicely.

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This is especially important when you first meet and interact with her. If you do anything that makes you come off as a cocky asshole, she probably won't like you enough to fuck you and see you as just another guy who wants some pussy. A lot of guys think that they key to getting a super hot girl to bang them is to be a cocky asshat, but if you want to get a girl to fuck you - specifically if you want to find a fuck for free without throwing money at a dating app or service - you've gotta be a relatively nice guy. Post-coital etiquette is also important if you hope to fuck her again.

That means, don't try to kick her out the second you're done. Also don't act distant and not acknowledge that she's even in the room after you've had sex, either.

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Ask her if she wants some water or needs anything, and get extra brownie points by handing her her clothes. Trust me; she'll be impressed because girls are typically used to gathering their own things and dressing themselves after hookups.

Offer to Uber her home, too, but if she says she's got it then let her be. If she wants to hit you up again, she will. But if you sense that she had a good time, and you don't hear from her in a while let's say, two weeks don't be afraid to hit her up again! After all, the worst she can do is not reply. I hope this small guide has helped you get an insight on how to get a hot girl to fuck you and realize you have just as much a chance as any guy with a chiseled jaw and abs. Let's begin… Be Honest First off, it'sand women can see through your bullshit.

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